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Wuji Gong (Primordial Qigong)

Wuji Gong is a very special form of energy cultivation created by the same master who founded Tai Chi, the legendary Chan San Feng. The form is very useful to beginners because it enables one to feel the chi and get amazing results without any previous training. It is very easy to do even when one is stressed or tired, which is not the case with many other forms of Qigong which require the practitioner to be rested, relaxed and focus to begin with. Wuji Gong helps you relax, recharge and focus as soon as you start performing the movements, thus all you need to do is to remember the movements and their order, and the form will work for you. The reason for this peculiarity is that Wuji Gong is a ritual, a form of Qigong which has been charged in a specific way by its founder. In the book The Magus of Java about a contemporary practitioner of inner alchemy, it is said that there are 72 levels in the practice of inner energy cultivation, corresponding to the number of chakras in the body. In that book, it is said that Chan San Feng was the only person ever to reach the level 72. Only one student in a generation was able to reach level 4 and even the author of the book, who studied with this master, has failed. The more you progress, the harder it gets to reach the next level, so this gives you an idea of why this form is so powerful.

However, you may not feel the benefits until you can remember the physical movements, which are simple, but still usually require more than a single course to learn, unless you are prepared to practice at home at least 5 to 10 minutes a day and are willing to allow yourself to make mistakes in order to learn.

The advantages of Wuji Gong:
When you practice, you connect to those who have passed on the form for generations
The energy you receive by connecting to this lineage (through the execution of the movements) is great
The energy is balanced and healing and it can’t cause inbalances
Being very simple, it can be practiced by anyone, for any illness, even by pregnant women
Because it is very simple, after you learn it from a live teacher, you can continue to study on your own and there are videos available to remind you of the moves and their correct order.

You do not need to be already healthy to practice this form, however if you practice other forms of very powerful Qigong techniques or Tai Chi, you should know that there are certain counter-indications and not everybody should practice unless he is also supported by a master or a healer who can perceive and correct their imbalances. One of the main counter-indications is cancer, however, through Wuji Gong, it is said that one of the masters in our lineage actually recovered from liver cancer by practicing this form, which also helped him face the challenges during the Chinese Revolution.

How does Wuji Gong look?

It is a series of movements performed facing each of the 4 cardinal directions.
There is the Earth sequence and the Heaven sequence.

One starts in the East and then faces each direction performing specific movements which draw Chi from that direction which combines with one’s own Chi.

The form can be performed very slowly or faster, as long as one is relaxed.

Combining breathing with movement is not mandatory and, compared to Tai Chi, I find it much less necessary to do this in Wuji Gong, so I just breathe naturally.

There is not much emphasis on the form itself, nobody will correct you 100 times because your hand is 3 degrees to the left of where it should be. What is most important is to do the right movements, in the right order and the number of repetitions. Otherwise, the power comes mostly from the act of performing the ritual, not the way in which the practitioner performs each particular move. Some moves have a direct effect and guide energy on specific channels though.

What does Wuji Gong bring you?

Aside the health benefits already discussed, it helps with sleep by helping you fall asleep and making sleep more restful.

It also enhances one’s appetite for life, because the “Original Chi” to which the form connects is also responsible for the joy of living. Thus, it can also help with depression.

It offers a state of peace and inner balance, not only during the practice of the form.

It can also be used to heal a past trauma or gain clarity on a particular issue such as a relationship or a life challenge. As Andrew Fretwell explains it, when one brings a specific issue into the practice (by thinking about that issue and connecting to the feelings it brings), the practice of Wuji Gong brings “neutrality”, and neutrality is most needed to free oneself from suffering due to past trauma.

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