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Relaxing shamanic drum meditation

A sound ambient created by Dan Mihăescu, Qigong, meditation and Laya Yoga teacher
Below you can find resources to help you find the discipline to do what you love

Attention! If you're on mobile, those files can be very large (approx. 100mb in most cases). These sound ambients are not suited to listening to on the street. However, the bottom of the age you can find recomendations for podcasts which relate to discipline and focus.

80 bpm Complex/Simple + bell 1 min.

80 bpm Complex (1) / Simple (2) Rhythm

90 bpm Complex (1) / Simple (2) Rhythm

About this sound ambient

I created this drum piece with bells every 1 minute to help you have patience and not stop when doing a repetitive spiritual practice like breathing in a certain pattern or reciting a mantra in your mind. I included the steady rhythm to help you if you want to synchronize your breath to the drum beat, so that the complex rhythm doesn't confuse you.

About the author

I'm Dan Mihaescu and I've been teaching Qigong and meditation for over 11 years. During the last years, my main practice is Laya Yoga, which is the Yoga of sound and vibration. That's why it shouldn't surprise you that I am also interested in rhythm in music, as well as playing the frame drum and music in general. I've been taking flute lessons for over 2 years, I play the Tin Whistle, the Recorder and I study everything I can about audio engineering, orchestration and composition. I have a Youtube channel where I post motly covers of movie and game music and personal compoitions.

Some inspiration on the path

Valuable resources to help you summon the discipline to do what matters to you.

If the sound ambients help you when you're at home meditating, these resources can help you when you're on the road (or staying indoors perhaps, this looking for something to watch or listen to).

Stoicism applied in modern times - in Tim Ferris' podcast you can find several podcasts on the topic of stoicism, which I believe it's especially useful in this period. The Three Months Vacation Podcast is a very relaxing podcast about marketing and business lessons, made by a very smart guy (Sean D'Souza). The podcast features music interludes and each lesson is like a work of art. Jocko Podcast, a very inspiring podcast hosted by former Navy Seal commander Jocko Willink, who now teaches leadership skills in copanies. You will find valuable resources about resilience, courage in the face of adversity, as well as strategies for dealing with people at work.

How to ensure you are making progress

Meditation implies detachment and being present in your practice, BUT, in order to sit down to meditate, you need to have something that drives you. This can be the desire to achieve excelent health, to overcome your fears or even financial stability in order to be able to pursue your dreams, like learn how to play the flute, pursue a hobby like photography or learn Feng Shui, for example.

What can you do to make sure you are making progress?

I very strongly recommend that you keep a journal, but here is the trick:

You need to follow ONE topic for a certain period of time. I don't care how much you write or in what form, or if you write about several different things, but THIS ONE TOPIC has to be first thing that you focus on in your journal every day. By pursuing A SINGLE TOPIC for a period of time, you can figure out why you are not making progress, even if you've been struggling with that particular subject for a long time without progress.