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    Intensive courses

    These courses are held once or twice a month and they last 3 or 4 hours. People are busy today and many cannot come weekly. This way, in a single day, you can learn enough to practice by yourself for 1-3 months and make progress, and for those who want weekly practice, there can be up to 3 free practice sessions a week. Each intensive course will have one major theme like Wuji Gong or healing and I will be teaching the essence of what I have learned in the course of 10 years of weekly study, practice and teaching. You can ask questions, we can also talk (briefly) about subjects where you need clarity which are outside the scope of the course, we will have fund and we will practice together. There is a written material to help you along, which is actually a mini-website which I created specifically for my students. For those who really want to learn and help others, I am available for further questions and discussion. The most valuable and powerful things I can share are actually done in private and are free for anyone who is sincere in their quest for mastery.

    Open / Free practice sessions

    Each week I offer the opportunity for us to practice together what we already know, so that though practice you can get a taste for how it feels when you do these kind of techniques for an hour and a half, and my wish is that this will motivate you to start practicing at home too. I only hold these practice sessions if I have motivated students who can make a commitment to participate, but the opportunity is there. For now, the practice intervals are usually saturday and sunday from 10 to 12 (unless there is a course) and thursday from 18 to 20 at my place in Drumul taberei.

    On November 5 we had the class

    The keys to making progress in practice
    Intensive course

    Soon to be anounced

    Healing with sacred mantras
    Special workshop

    Next week I plan to hold a seminar about mantras where we will work mostly with Medicine Buddha. When I annouce a course without a specific date, you can write to me and express your intention to participate, and then I can take into account your preferences when I set the date and time.

    In general, my courses deal with the following basic subjects and sometimes with a special subject like how to cultivate discipline and enjoy your practice while ensuring you are getting the desired results. If you already have substantial experience and want to work with me on a specific issue, we can focus on what you need the most in a private session. You can find more about the advanced techniques that I teach here.

    Creşterea energiei şi meditaţia
    1) Increasing energy and vitality through tehniques and lifestyle choices
    2) How to conserve the energy and how to limit wasting it
    3) Silence and keeping our kidneys healthy
    4) Meditation and regenerating the physical body
    After these sessions you will know how to increase your vitality, strengthen your immunity and you internal organs. You will also be able to stop your internal dialogue and regenerate yout body and nervous system by sitting or laying down in silence.
    Emotional balance and healing
    5) the internal organs and balancing our emotions
    6) the meridians and how to make energy flow freely
    7) the chakras and the mental and emotional aspects they influence
    8) healing specific health issues and breathing techniques
    After these sessions you will know how to heal your entire body and each organ as well as help others. You will know how to balance your meridians and chakras, thus improving all aspects of your personal, professional and spiritual life, including relationships, finances, communication and intuition.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION about courses and energy practice:

    If you want to cultivate health and balance by learning to work with energy through movement, stillness, positions, meditation and breathing then these courses are for you.

    The main advantage of the way I teach is that:
    1. I teach fundamental practices which are universal and known to the most advanced masters in any tradition, be it India, Tibet or China. By training constantly in only a few important and very effective techniques, you become better and better, instead of learning countless different techniques which are similar to one another.
    2. Every course is an opportunity to learn something new about how to improve the results you can get through those fundamental techniques mentioned at the previous point. Some of these principles, you can apply them while you travel, walk or even sleep – you can learn about grounding, how to sleep better, how to be more rested with fewer hours of sleep, how to walk without getting tired, how to breathe in more energy and how to protect yourself from things that are sapping your energy, like electromagnetic radiation. Probably the best example is that you will learn which directions are best for you according to traditional Feng Shui. You can also learn this for free on my Facebook group. By positioning your bed and your desk according to these directions, you will enhance your health and well being without having to do anything except utilize those directions.

    Relying on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and on the even more ancient and profound wisdom of ancient India,
    Qigong and the energetic techniques that I teach show you how to move energy through movement, stillness, position, breathing and intent
    and help you get better and better on all levels,
    – to increase your vitality and regenerate your physical body and ogans
    – to enjoy a state of peace and enter the state of mediation by stopping your internal dialogue
    – to balance your emotions and enhance your mental focus and clarity
    – to create your own luck and cultivate the CAUSES which lead to the results you desire.

    You can also opt for my private de Qigong, Coaching or Energy Healing sessions (these pages are not translated into English for the moment).

    These are more than courses where you learn various physical movements. These are courses where you learn how to get results. Qigong doesn’t mean the movement of the body. Qigong means the internal movement of energy, life force or Qi though:

    Most likely, you want movement, because you spend 8 hours a day at work or in school and your body needs to move. Movement is great and I also like to run and work out. Movement is a great way of moving the energy and the lymph! But it is only one way. If you want to feel the energy though dynamic forms of Qigong or Tai Chi, the movement I teach (Wuji Gong) is one of the best. However, for you to feel the energy you need to be rested, which is why I also teach the principles of nutrition, hydration and other ways of strengthening the health of the physical body.
    When you drive a car, sometimes you need to keep the wheel still if you want to go forward. The same way, if you want the energy to flow, sometimes you need to be still. But the first thing you need to stop is the mind, and all of my students can learn how to do this in only one session.
    În Qigong, as in Yoga, there are positions known as Asanas which can be done standing or on the ground, which help you work with energy. By maintaining a certain position, the internal energy flows on different channels, and there are, for example, positions for each organ (kidneys, lungs, heart, spleen and liver). There is one for grounding and there is one for the Thymus and strengthening your imunity.
    Nearly all tehniques which rely on visualisation are based on intent. You can learn how to program your body to heal and you can turn any action (not only practice) into an action of power, which will help you get better and better with every day that passes.
    Breathing techniques work great even if you are tired or in poor physical shape, because they bring lots of energy (Qi or prana) into your body, as well as oxygen to your body and brain. You will learn safe breathing techniques which have no counter-indications, that I learned from medical doctors, breathing specialists and master healers. Breathing cannot not work, and the effects are felt imediately.

    The great part is that, by training in a particular technique, it is like training at the same time in every other technique, because they all rely on similar principles:
    – the ability to relax
    – the ability to focus on one thing
    – the abiliy to persevere in the chosen action and to enjoy the practice
    – having enough energy already stored in the body, which increases with practice
    – a state of inner silence.

    Here you can read about Wuji Gong, a series of movements created by the founder of Tai Chi specifically for health and enlightenment.

    Qigong and Meditation
    Qigong relies on connecting to the universal energy, often by connecting with the Sun and the Earth. Qigong emphasizes the importance of strengthening our physical body and the health of our internal organs which also govern emotions according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qigong teaches us to strengthen our spirit by beginning with the body, balancing the emotions and storing energy which can later be refined into more subtle forms. More about Qigong.
    Wuji Gong and Tai Chi
    Wuji Gong is a series of movements created by the founder of Tai Chi specifically for health and enlightenment. Its therapeutic benefits are similar to those of Tai Chi, only much stronger in my opinion. This form is also taught and preferred by some teachers who have been practicing and teaching other forms of Qigong and Tai Chi all over the world for decades before discovering the power of this particular form.