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  • Private training sessions – Qigong, Wuji Gong and Laya Yoga

    If you want to learn in private Qigong, meditation and how to balance your energy and emotions, to make progress in all aspects (physically, emotionally, mentally, to heal your body and amplify your mental abilies), then private sessions are for you.

    On the other hand, if:
    – you only want to make small changes, for example in your diet or
    – you want to receive support from the outside, in order to recover from a minor or serious illness, then
    the counseling or energy healing sessions are better suited for you.

    What you can study with me

    Energy cultivation

    Meditation and stopping the internal dialogue

    Healing the internal organs
    The internal organs also govern emotions according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Opening the energy channels

    Clearing, energizing and balancing the chakras

    Healing the physical body and how to help others, especially your loved ones

    Breathing techniques

    Improving your focus

    2 Key aspects which concern especially those who have practiced Qigong before

    The energy reservoir known as the Lower Dantien (Xia Dantien)

    The microcosmic orbit


    Laya Yoga (the Yoga of Sound, vibration or Rhytm)

    Reiki and Karuna Reiki, two aids which can benefit even a master

    So here is what you can expect from training with me in private in energy cultivation, and you can contact me at: dan@neiqigong.ro sau 0745 151 227 to talk more.

    These are the basic subjects which I recommend we start with. Hoever, if you already have substantial experience, we can focus on what you need the most. You can find more about the advanced techniques that I teach here.

    Creşterea energiei şi meditaţia
    1) Increasing energy and vitality through tehniques and lifestyle choices
    2) How to conserve the energy and how to limit wasting it
    3) Silence and keeping our kidneys healthy
    4) Meditation and regenerating the physical body
    After these sessions you will know how to increase your vitality, strengthen your immunity and you internal organs. You will also be able to stop your internal dialogue and regenerate yout body and nervous system by sitting or laying down in silence.
    Emotional balance and healing
    5) the internal organs and balancing our emotions
    6) the meridians and how to make energy flow freely
    7) the chakras and the mental and emotional aspects they influence
    8) healing specific health issues and breathing techniques
    After these sessions you will know how to heal your entire body and each organ as well as help others. You will know how to balance your meridians and chakras, thus improving all aspects of your personal, professional and spiritual life, including relationships, finances, communication and intuition.